Top 10 Job Posting Sites in South Korea

Finding the right talent is crucial for any business. In South Korea, there are several job posting sites that can help you reach potential candidates. Here are the top 10 job posting sites in South Korea, starting with

1. is a great platform for posting jobs without any cost. It’s easy to use and reaches a wide audience, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to hire quickly and efficiently.

2. JobKorea

JobKorea is one of the largest and most popular job portals in South Korea. It offers a variety of job postings and attracts a large number of job seekers. Companies can post job listings, search resumes, and find the right candidates easily.

3. Saramin

Saramin is another leading job portal in South Korea. It provides comprehensive job listings and is widely used by both job seekers and employers. Saramin offers various services, including resume searches and company reviews.

4. Incruit

Incruit is a well-established job site in South Korea. It offers a range of services, including job postings, resume searches, and company profiles. Incruit is known for its extensive database and user-friendly interface.

5. Worknet

Worknet is a government-run job portal that provides free job posting services. It is a reliable source for finding qualified candidates and is widely used by both employers and job seekers.

6. Albamon

Albamon is focused on part-time and temporary job listings. It’s popular among students and those looking for flexible work arrangements. Employers can post jobs for free and connect with a large pool of job seekers.

7. Scout

Scout is a comprehensive job portal that offers various services to employers, including job postings, resume searches, and recruitment solutions. Scout is known for its extensive reach and effective job matching features.

8. PeopleNJob

PeopleNJob is a popular job site for professionals looking for career opportunities. It caters to a wide range of industries and offers various services, including job postings and resume searches. PeopleNJob is ideal for finding highly qualified candidates.

9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a global professional networking site that also operates in South Korea. Companies can post jobs and connect with professionals across various industries. LinkedIn is especially useful for finding candidates with specific skills and experience.

10. Job Planet

Job Planet is known for company reviews and salary information, but it also provides job posting services. It’s a great platform for employers to connect with job seekers who are researching companies and looking for new opportunities.


Using the right job posting sites can significantly improve your chances of finding the best candidates for your business. In South Korea,, JobKorea, Saramin, and other top sites offer excellent platforms to post job openings and reach a large number of job seekers. Whether you are looking for full-time employees, part-time workers, or highly specialized professionals, these job portals can help you find the right talent for your needs.

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