Top Free Job Posting Sites in USA for 2024

In today’s labor market, the quest for suitable employees remains a formidable challenge. Companies are constantly seeking individuals with the right experience and cultural fit for their organizations while managing costs effectively. To address this ongoing struggle, companies are adopting various strategies, one of which involves leveraging job boards to their fullest potential.

Free job posting sites offer a compelling solution by enabling companies to showcase their job openings to a vast pool of potential candidates actively seeking employment. What sets these platforms apart is their accessibility and affordability – they do not require any upfront payment or credit card information.

By utilizing these platforms, companies can expand their reach and attract top talent without incurring additional expenses. This approach not only streamlines the recruitment process but also enhances the chances of finding the perfect candidate for the job. With free job posting sites, companies can tap into a diverse talent pool and effectively address their hiring needs in today’s competitive labor market.

When it comes to accessing the best job boards offering free job postings, there are options available that eliminate the need for credit card details, streamlining the process for employers. However, it’s important to note that some free job posting tools may offer trial periods without charges, albeit requiring a valid credit card to initiate the trial.

In today’s fiercely competitive labor market, widening the reach of job advertisements is essential to attracting qualified candidates. Posting job openings on multiple job boards significantly boosts visibility and enhances the likelihood of finding the perfect talent.

Free job posting sites provide a cost-effective solution for companies aiming to expand their candidate pool without stretching their budget. By leveraging these platforms, employers can tap into a thriving community of job seekers, maximizing their chances of connecting with potential hires.

The broad accessibility of these websites enables businesses to target a diverse array of job seekers, ensuring a rich pool of talent is considered for each position.

In some instances, companies may encounter free job posting tools offering additional features or extended reach through trial periods. While these tools may request a valid credit card for verification, they typically do not charge any fees during the trial. Such opportunities can be advantageous for businesses seeking enhanced visibility or advanced functionalities during the recruitment process, allowing them to assess the tool’s effectiveness before committing financially.

Post Jobs for Free

How to get the most candidates from free job posting sites?

To maximize the number of candidates from free job posting sites, consider the following strategies:

  1. Utilize an Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Consider using an ATS that offers integration with various job boards. These systems streamline the process by allowing you to publish job postings to multiple sites with just one click. This saves time and ensures maximum visibility for your job openings.
  2. Explore Free Job Posting Sites: Take advantage of free job boards and posting sites to reach a wider audience without incurring additional costs. These platforms often rely on upselling premium features, ads, or data to generate revenue, making them a cost-effective option for employers.
  3. Optimize Your Job Postings: Craft compelling job descriptions that are keyword-rich and tailored to attract relevant candidates. Use clear and concise language to convey job requirements and responsibilities effectively.
  4. Leverage Organic Visibility: Posting jobs on free job boards can enhance your organic visibility on search engines. The more jobs you post, the better the chances of attracting candidates through search engine traffic.
  5. Be Mindful of Posting Duration: While free job postings typically have time limits, take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your openings without any upfront costs. Even if the posting is free for a limited time, it can still yield valuable candidate applications.

By leveraging these strategies, you can maximize the visibility of your job postings on free job boards and attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates, ultimately helping you find the right talent for your organization without breaking the bank.

Free job posting sites

Explore these top free job posting sites tailored for small businesses:

#01 is an excellent platform for businesses seeking to expand their teams hassle-free. One of its standout features is its user-friendly interface, making it incredibly easy to navigate even for those unfamiliar with online job posting. What sets it apart is that there’s no need for registration – simply visit the website, post your job listing, and you’re good to go. This streamlined process saves valuable time and effort for employers, allowing them to focus on finding the right candidates. Additionally, offers extensive reach without any cost, ensuring that your job posting reaches a wide audience without breaking the bank. As someone who has used the platform multiple times, I can attest to its effectiveness in attracting quality candidates. If you’re in need of a hassle-free solution for hiring, is the way to go!


Ideal for culture-driven hiring, VIVAHR goes beyond typical job boards. It offers customizable templates and dynamic job postings that allow businesses to showcase their core values and mission. This resonates with candidates seeking a workplace where they can truly belong. VIVAHR’s collaborative features facilitate seamless communication among hiring teams, streamlining the selection process. Additionally, its analytical insights help identify the best candidate sources, enabling data-driven recruitment strategies.Pricing: VIVAHR offers a 7-day free trial with three pricing plans available for employers seeking enhanced hiring features.

#03 SquareHire:

With a focus on workflow integration, SquareHire streamlines the entire hiring process into one seamless workflow. From posting jobs to hiring candidates, SquareHire ensures every step is interconnected. Its user-friendly interface, along with features like calendar syncing and email integration, minimizes communication gaps between employers and candidates. A standout feature is its resume parsing capability, which automatically scans and categorizes information from resumes, expediting the review process.Pricing: While SquareHire offers a free trial, businesses may opt for subscription plans tailored to their specific hiring needs for a more comprehensive experience.

#04 Wellfound (formerly AngelList):

Catering to startups and tech talent, Wellfound is a sanctuary for innovation. It provides a platform where startups, particularly in the tech domain, can connect with passionate individuals eager to join a challenging yet rewarding journey. Beyond job listings, Wellfound offers networking opportunities, linking startups with potential investors, mentors, and partners. Its clean and intuitive layout ensures startups, even those without a dedicated HR team, can effectively utilize its features. Free job postings are available, with additional costs for enhanced visibility or specialized features.


Focused on local job search, emphasizes community-driven hiring. Ideal for businesses thriving on local talent and community engagement, this platform provides tools to showcase their local presence and the benefits of working in close-knit communities. Through stories, testimonials, and videos, employers can highlight company culture and the local environment, offering potential candidates a vivid picture of what to expect. While basic job postings are free, premium options are available for a more immersive listing experience.

#06 Jobvertise:

Offering global reach, Jobvertise boasts one of the world’s largest free job databases. It provides unparalleled access to a diverse pool of potential hires across various industries and geographies. With a user-friendly interface, businesses of all sizes can seamlessly list jobs, even without a dedicated recruitment team. A notable feature is its robust resume search functionality, allowing employers to proactively scout for talent and reach out to potential hires. While basic services are free, premium plans offer advanced features like premium job listings and comprehensive resume access.

#07 JobCase:

JobCase excels in fostering community engagement by merging the dynamics of a social media platform with traditional job listing functionalities. Beyond connecting employers with potential hires, JobCase prioritizes building a supportive community where job seekers share experiences, offer advice, and provide mutual encouragement. This approach allows businesses to tap into a pool of candidates actively engaged in their career journey, enabling them to understand candidate sentiment, tailor listings for maximum resonance, and gain valuable insights into the job market from a seeker’s perspective. In terms of pricing, JobCase offers free job postings in line with its community-oriented ethos. However, for businesses seeking enhanced visibility and deeper engagement with potential candidates, premium listing options are available at varied costs. Additionally, JobCase serves as a social network with job postings tailored for the blue-collar industry.

#08 Jora:

Jora stands out for its effortless global visibility, originating in Australia and expanding its reach globally to offer employers an expansive platform for their job listings. Its simplicity is a key strength, featuring a straightforward interface and a powerful search algorithm that ensures the right candidates find the right jobs. Employers can leverage Jora’s partnerships with other job search engines to amplify the visibility of their listings. Moreover, Jora provides useful insights into listing performance, candidate interactions, and application rates through its dashboard, aiding businesses in refining their recruitment strategy. Pricing-wise, Jora stays true to its mission of accessibility by allowing employers to post jobs for free. However, for maximum reach and visibility, sponsored listings are also available at an additional fee.

#09 US.Jobs (

It is renowned for its industry-specific targeting, offering an ecosystem of niche job channels rather than just a job board. This diversified approach ensures that job listings reach their relevant audience without getting lost in the noise. Whether in healthcare, tech, or arts, US.Jobs’ specialized channels cater to various industry needs. Employers can utilize an intuitive search engine and company branding tools to craft compelling narratives around their listings. The candidate experience is further enriched with insights into company culture, role expectations, and growth opportunities. Regarding pricing, US.Jobs offers a 7-day free job posting option. While basic job listings are free, premium options with more targeted approaches and enhanced features are available at varying price points.

#10 FlexJobs:

it has established itself as the premier destination for telecommuting and flexible job opportunities. Especially in the evolving landscape of work culture post-pandemic, FlexJobs shines as a beacon for both employers and job seekers seeking non-traditional work arrangements. Its meticulous vetting and screening process ensure a scam-free environment focused on quality. For employers, this means access to a pool of candidates specifically seeking flexibility, whether in remote work, part-time roles, or freelance opportunities. This targeted audience ensures that job listings resonate with the right individuals, increasing the likelihood of successful hires. Additionally, FlexJobs offers resources, articles, and webinars to assist companies in navigating the nuances of flexible hiring. In terms of pricing, while FlexJobs provides a curated experience for job seekers, it comes at a cost for employers. There’s a fee for listing a job, ensuring that only genuine, quality-focused employers utilize the platform, thus maintaining its premium status.

#11 PostJobFree:

it’s stands out for its rapid job postings with widespread visibility. As the name suggests, it offers a quick and cost-effective solution for employers to list their vacancies. The platform aims to democratize the job listing process, ensuring that businesses of all sizes have equal opportunities to attract talent. Its minimalist design and intuitive interface guarantee a seamless experience. Beyond basic job listings, PostJobFree offers distribution services, pushing job posts to multiple job boards to increase visibility. This amplification ensures that even with a single post, employers can reach a diverse and widespread audience. Additionally, the platform provides tools for resume searches, enabling proactive hiring. Regarding pricing, PostJobFree offers free job listings at its core. However, to maximize reach, ensure top placements, and access premium features, there are tiered pricing options available to suit different needs.

#12 Upwork:

It emerges as the go-to platform for connecting with a global freelance talent pool. Its extensive reach enables employers to engage freelancers with diverse backgrounds and skill sets for various project-based roles. Whether it’s a short-term project or a long-term contractual arrangement, Upwork facilitates seamless collaboration. The platform features a bidding system where freelancers propose their rates and services, allowing employers to assess multiple candidates and ensure competitive pricing. Upwork’s built-in communication tools, escrow payment system, and feedback mechanism ensure transparency and security throughout the hiring process. In terms of pricing, posting a job on Upwork is free. However, once an employer hires a freelancer, Upwork deducts a service fee from the freelancer’s payment. Additionally, premium plans for employers offer enhanced features and dedicated support.

Where to Post Jobs for Free

Building your job description on free job boards

Finding the right platforms to post job openings for free is crucial for maximizing visibility and attracting top talent. While it’s tempting to use generic job description templates found online, it’s essential to customize them for each position to avoid being flagged as a duplicate posting by job boards’ de-duplication features.

To create compelling job descriptions, consider including four key components:

  1. Company Overview: Provide insight into your company’s identity and mission. Explain why your organization does what it does to give candidates a genuine understanding of your company culture and values.
  2. Expectations: Clearly outline the daily responsibilities and expectations of the role. Providing a detailed picture of what a typical workday entails emotionally engages candidates and increases their interest in the position.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities: Utilize bullet points to list the specific duties and responsibilities of the role. Many job boards prioritize listings with bulleted lists, so including six or more bullet points can improve your job posting’s visibility.
  4. Compensation: Don’t overlook the importance of discussing compensation. Beyond salary or hourly rates, highlight additional benefits and perks your company offers. Millennials, in particular, value factors like company culture and professional development opportunities. Consider mentioning benefits such as leadership training, industry knowledge, licensing support, free meals, or incentive bonuses to attract top talent.

By customizing your job descriptions to include these components, you can increase the effectiveness of your job postings and attract qualified candidates without spending a dime on job board fees.

Top industry job boards to post to

In marketing, testing, reporting, and analysis are vital strategies, and job postings are no exception. They’re a form of marketing with significant impact on the organization, even if they’re not directly related to sales. Creating a list of major job boards specific to your industry is crucial. While there are thousands of job boards out there, many are general-purpose.

However, identifying the right industry-specific job boards can be a potent way to differentiate your recruitment brand and attract talent away from competitors. The more niche your industry, the more valuable these specialized job boards become. Here are some top industry job boards to consider:

  1. Tech: Dice, GitHub Jobs, Stack Overflow
  2. Healthcare: Health eCareers,, Medzilla
  3. Finance: eFinancialCareers, FinancialJobsWeb, AccountingJobsToday
  4. Hospitality: Hcareers,, Hospitality Online
  5. Education: HigherEdJobs, SchoolSpring, Teachers-Teachers
  6. Creative: Behance, Dribbble, Creativepool
  7. Engineering:, EngineerJobs, IEEE Job Site
  8. Legal: LawJobs, LegalJobs, LawCrossing

By targeting industry-specific job boards, you can effectively showcase your recruitment brand, stand out from competitors, and attract top talent tailored to your industry’s needs.

Using an applicant tracking system to track job posting candidates

To effectively track candidates from job postings, it’s crucial to integrate a tracking URL into every job post. Most job boards allow you to include an external URL where applicants can apply. However, simply providing the exact URL to your apply link isn’t enough. Instead, consider adding a UTM tracking parameter to the posting.

VIVAHR offers a free job posting tracking tool that can be used with any applicant tracking system (ATS). Here’s how to utilize it:

  1. Enter the apply URL into the VIVAHR job posting tracking tool.
  2. Add the necessary UTM parameters, including:
    • Source: The name of the job board where the posting is displayed.
    • Department: Specify the relevant department or team associated with the job.
    • Important hiring information: Include any additional details relevant to the job posting, such as job title or location.

By incorporating UTM tracking parameters, you can track traffic from each industry job board and analyze the quality of candidate traffic and conversion rates. This data allows for more informed decision-making and optimization of recruitment strategies.

Free Job Posting Sites in USA

When seeking free job posting sites in the USA, it’s essential to leverage platforms that maximize your reach without breaking the bank. Here’s why opting for free job posting sites can be advantageous and a few alternative options to consider:

  1. Cost-Effective Solution: Free job posting sites offer a budget-friendly option for employers, especially those operating on a tight budget or with limited hiring resources.
  2. Trial Periods: Many job sites provide trial periods ranging from 3 to 14 days. While these trials may have restrictions, they still offer an opportunity to test the platform’s effectiveness before committing to a paid plan.
  3. Considerations for Free Posting: When opting for free job postings, be mindful of potential restrictions, such as limitations on the number of applicants or restrictions on the number of locations allowed for your job ad.

Alternative options for posting jobs for free in the USA include:

  1. Facebook Groups: Many major cities have dedicated job posting groups on Facebook, which can be highly active platforms for sharing job opportunities.
  2. Church Groups: Local churches often provide robust employment support services, including modified job boards or job posting pages on their websites. Building relationships with these communities can lead to fruitful hiring experiences.
  3. Community Colleges/Trade Schools: Community colleges and trade schools typically offer career boards and support services for students. These institutions are well-connected with their student body and can serve as valuable resources for sourcing candidates.

By leveraging these alternative options in addition to traditional job posting sites, employers can tap into diverse talent pools and enhance their recruitment efforts without incurring additional costs.

Free Job Boards Vs Paid Job Boards

Choosing between free and paid job boards depends on various factors, but there are compelling reasons to opt for paid platforms:

  1. Predictability: If you anticipate hiring multiple candidates over an extended period and cannot afford to wait, paid job boards offer a predictable solution. By investing in paid postings, you can proactively build a candidate pipeline to address immediate and future hiring needs.
  2. Competition: In industries or geographic locations with tight labor markets and limited candidate supply, paying for job postings becomes imperative. Investing in paid platforms ensures your job opportunities receive greater exposure and reach the right audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting qualified candidates amidst stiff competition.
  3. Cost Control: Whether using free or paid job boards, implementing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is essential for tracking candidate sources. By accurately tracking candidate sources, you can compare the effectiveness of different job boards and optimize your recruitment strategy accordingly. This data-driven approach not only saves time but also provides insights into where to allocate resources for future paid ads, enabling better cost control and decision-making.

Ultimately, the key is to measure, analyze, and predict candidate sources’ effectiveness to optimize recruitment efforts and achieve desired hiring outcomes.


How can job boards survive while allowing free job postings?

Job boards can sustain themselves while offering free job postings through various revenue-generating strategies:
– Premium Features: While basic job postings may be free, job boards often offer premium features or upgrades for a fee. These features could include enhanced visibility for job postings, access to advanced candidate filtering tools, or priority placement in search results.
– Advertising: Job boards can generate revenue through targeted advertising. They may display ads from third-party recruiters, educational institutions, or companies offering recruitment-related services to their users.
– Subscription Models: Some job boards operate on a subscription-based model, where employers pay a monthly or yearly fee for unlimited access to premium features and job postings. This model provides a steady stream of revenue while offering value to employers seeking to streamline their hiring process.
– Recruitment Services: Job boards may offer additional recruitment services, such as resume database access, applicant tracking systems (ATS), or recruitment consulting. These services often come with a fee and provide added value to employers looking for comprehensive hiring solutions.
– Partnerships: Job boards can form partnerships with other companies or organizations to offer value-added services to their users. This could include integration with HR software platforms, job distribution networks, or industry-specific professional associations.
– Data Insights: Job boards can monetize the data they collect from job postings and user interactions by offering analytics and insights to employers. This data can help employers optimize their recruitment strategies and make more informed hiring decisions.
By diversifying their revenue streams and offering a combination of free and paid services, job boards can remain sustainable while continuing to provide value to both employers and job seekers.

Can I post jobs for free on craigslist?

In the past, you could put up any job on Craigslist for free. But in recent years, they started asking for money for each job you want to advertise, depending on where you’re putting it. You can find a list of all the cities and how much they charge here.
In many cities where you can post jobs, the cost is between $7 to $75 for each job you want to post, depending on the type of job and category. This can add up quickly because your job ad gets moved down every day when new job ads are posted.
Let’s say I’m looking to hire someone for a customer service job in Los Angeles, and I want to post it on a Monday in two different categories. That would cost me $150 for the day ($75 for each category). If by Wednesday I’m not happy with the applicants, I might need to post the job again. Within a couple of weeks, I could end up spending a couple of hundred dollars just on this one job posting.

Are there free job posting sites without registration?

A lot of the trickiest identity theft schemes happen through fake job ads. Scammers make up job postings, pretending to be real companies, and then gather personal details from people’s resumes. They use this info to steal identities. That’s why many websites now make you prove you’re legit before you can post a job.
To prove you’re real, they might ask for things like your credit card details, verification through a company email, or sending a code to your phone. If a job site doesn’t ask you to verify who you are before posting, it’s likely not very trustworthy, and you might not find many good candidates there.

Are there free job sites to search for resumes?

You won’t find any job posting websites that let you both post jobs for free and search through resumes for free. Some sites, like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, offer access to a worldwide database of resumes, but you have to pay for it along with a paid plan.

How to manage candidates on a job board for free?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. Most job boards come with a backend system that helps you manage your job applicants. While it’s limited to candidates from that specific job board, it’s handy for taking notes, working together, and keeping everything organized.
There are some free ATS options available. These let you gather candidates from all the job boards where you post your jobs. This way, you can keep your notes in one place, compare where your applicants are coming from, their skills, and who you end up hiring. You can also create custom evaluation forms to work together with your team.

How are my jobs found on job boards I didn’t post on?

You might notice your job ads popping up on unexpected job boards. This happens because of web crawlers. They gather data from other job boards, possibly even your competitors, and use that information to fill up their own job boards. Remember when we talked about how having lots of job ads can improve a job board’s visibility online? Well, your ads might be part of that process when they scrape data from other sites.

How to connect my ATS XML feed to post to job boards?

When you’re getting set up with a new job board to advertise your jobs, check if they can take an XML feed of your job listings. This saves you from having to input the same information multiple times. Plus, it automatically includes the “apply now” link, making things much easier for you. An XML feed of job postings is a formatted feed that’s organized and labeled in a way that different websites can understand and transfer data automatically between them.

Are there job posting sites for startups?

There are many job posting websites tailored specifically for startup companies. One of the most popular and highly regarded platforms is It’s great for emerging businesses looking to gain visibility among a tech-savvy audience. These folks might prioritize being a key player in a startup over a hefty paycheck from a larger, more established company.

Why would my job get blocked on a free job site?

It’s important to keep track of all your job postings and monitor candidate applications in the first 3-5 days after posting. If you don’t see any candidates applying, there could be four main reasons why a free job posting site might block your job from being visible. If you suspect any of these issues are affecting your posting, it’s a good idea to reach out to the job posting website:
– Quality: Most job boards have quality standards for each posting. If there’s suspicion that your job posting is fake or doesn’t provide accurate information to job seekers, it may not be approved.
– Duplicate Content: Job posting websites prioritize search result quality. Your posting might be blocked if it’s too similar to previously posted jobs. Make sure your posting accurately represents your organization.
– Temporary, Contract, or Third-Party: Many job boards only allow postings from the actual company hiring. Third-party recruiters might have trouble posting for free. If your job is temporary, you might also face approval issues.
– Commission-Only Jobs: Some job posting websites only accept salary-based jobs, not commission-only roles. Make sure to review the posting guidelines if your job isn’t showing up in search results.

How do I find reviews for free job sites?

There are many software review websites out there, but our top picks for quality are Software Advice, G2, and Capterra. These platforms rely on user-generated reviews and verify clients to ensure the reviews are truthful and reliable.
As a bonus, these websites often offer compensation, like a $10 Amazon or Starbucks gift card, for reviews of software you use. If you’re already using certain software actively, you might qualify for this promotion and can earn a gift card for spending just 15 minutes reviewing the software you’re familiar with.

How to write a good job description?

If your job description isn’t well-written, posting it on popular job boards might not give you good results. Luckily, there are resources available to help you write a strong job description. Crafting a compelling job post can greatly increase your chances of attracting the ideal candidate for your company.
Fun fact: Did you know that only about 5% of candidates apply to job postings?
But here’s the good news: There are strategies to increase this number by five times! One effective way is to highlight your company culture and your dedication to supporting the candidate’s growth and success in their career. By emphasizing these aspects, you can make your job posting more appealing and attract more qualified candidates.

What platforms can employers use to post jobs for free?

When deciding where to advertise job openings for free, it’s important to explore different options to reach potential candidates without spending money. One effective approach is using free job boards to promote job opportunities to a wide audience. Many employers use online job description templates to make the posting process quicker. However, it’s essential to know that using generic templates might lower visibility on job boards that filter out similar postings.
To make job postings more effective and attract top talent, consider customizing them with four key components. By adjusting job descriptions to highlight the unique aspects of the position and company culture, employers can stand out from competitors and increase the chance of attracting qualified candidates. While using job boards is helpful, it’s also valuable to explore other free platforms like Indeed, state-run job boards, social media sites such as Facebook and X (formerly Twitter), and adding jobs to your careers page to appear on Google for Jobs without any cost. By diversifying posting methods and using various free channels, employers can expand their reach and connect with a larger pool of potential candidates.

Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

Finding the best job posting sites for employers depends on the industry you’re in. While larger job boards with a global reach can attract a wide pool of candidates, niche job posting sites tailored to specific industries can be more effective for finding candidates with specialized skills.
For example, if you’re a technology company looking for experienced tech talent, a niche site like Dice might be the way to go. Job posting sites for employers can vary greatly based on the industry. It’s worth taking the time to explore and try out different sites. Put yourself in the shoes of a job seeker looking for a position at your company.
See which job sites come up when you search for jobs similar to the ones you’re offering. The best job posting sites aren’t always the biggest ones; sometimes, the most effective ones are those that cater specifically to your industry.

Best free job posting sites in the USA

Posting your job on popular job boards might not yield great results if your job description isn’t well-written. To ensure your company attracts the right candidate, it’s crucial to master crafting a compelling job posting. Did you know that only 5% of candidates apply to your job posting? By implementing strategies to increase this number fivefold, you can significantly enhance your applicant pool. Highlighting your company culture and showing your commitment to supporting employees’ career growth and success can make your job listing stand out.
While top job boards offer global reach, there are many free job posting sites in the USA catering specifically to local job seekers. To optimize your job posting efforts, take advantage of our curated list of the best free job posting sites and use our free job description templates. Additionally, exploring niche and local free job sites can be a cost-effective way to attract qualified candidates.
Consider tapping into alumni networks of local community colleges, which often provide valuable career support to highly skilled individuals, to expand your candidate pool further. By strategically posting your job openings on various platforms and networks, you can maximize your reach and attract top talent to your organization.

Where can I post a job for free?

The availability of free online job posting websites for employers is shrinking. Sites that allow job postings without registration or credit card verification tend to be hotspots for fraudulent postings.
Due to the rise in fraudulent activity, many job sites now require credit card registration even for free postings. In the USA, free job posting sites often deliver lower quality results. As an applicant tracking system for small businesses, we strongly advise small business owners to be cautious of using these sites, as they may offer limited exposure and attract lower-quality candidates.

Using Social Media to Post Your Jobs

Using your social network and followers can be a fantastic way to naturally increase visibility for your job ads. It’s a method where your current employees can quickly share these job announcements with their own network. Facebook has made it even easier by allowing posts on your business page to be considered as job announcements.
With just a few clicks, you can promote this post to your followers and their friends who are nearby your location.

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