Associate/Project Developer

MidAmerican Energy Company

The person in charge of this job helps with building and developing new projects. They handle tasks like updating budgets, overseeing contractors and consultants, making sure the site follows rules for the environment and safety, and maintaining good relationships with people involved in the project. This job also involves working with different departments to finish tasks related to development and construction. They do calculations, reports, and other tasks to make sure everything is done correctly.

MidAmerican Energy Company is a utility company in the Midwest that serves over 1.6 million customers with electricity and natural gas. They own and operate various power-generating assets, with a big part being wind power.

At MidAmerican Energy Company, they value diversity and treat everyone equally. They’re an equal opportunity employer, meaning they consider all qualified applicants for jobs without caring about things like race, religion, gender, or disability.

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