Head, Retail Leasing (Malaysia)

Macdonald & Company

Main Job Responsibilities:

1. Setting Goals and Checking Performance:
– Create goals and ways to measure how well they’re achieved.
– Work to meet or beat targets for renting out spaces, how many are filled, and how long tenants stay.

2. Planning and Managing the Portfolio:
– Make a big plan for renting out spaces that fits with what the company wants.
– Decide how properties should be seen compared to other stores.
– Keep an eye on how well all properties are doing across the country.

3. Handling Leases:
– Deal with all the leases for the company, like deciding who’s in charge of renewing them and filling up empty spaces.
– Organize where different stores should be based on what they sell and who their customers are.

4. Managing Special Projects:
– Find new stores to join the company and make the existing ones better.
– Make friends with lots of store owners to help find new stores in the future.
– Work on projects that help the business do better, like making deals with other companies.

5. Growing and Mixing Tenants:
– Lead the team to think about and pick the best mix of stores for the properties, based on what people want to buy and how much money they can make.
– Think of new kinds of stores or ways to rent spaces to make the properties more attractive.
– Make sure stores grow and more stores join the company.

6. Getting Stores and Making Deals:
– Find and get new stores to rent spaces, and make agreements with them.
– Make plans to make the best deals for renting spaces, like how much to pay and how long to rent for.
– Keep good relationships with important stores and people in the industry.

7. Planning and Making Properties Better:
– Make plans with other managers to make properties better.
– Help with changing what kinds of stores are in the properties to make more money.
– Lead projects to make properties better and make more money from them.

8. Working Together with Others:
– Make good relationships with other parts of the company, like marketing, finance, and operations.
– Working together is important for making plans work well.

9. Keeping Records and Following Rules:
– Make rules and good ways of working for renting out spaces, and make sure everyone follows them.
– Make sure all agreements are done properly and follow the law.
– Give reports to top managers and others, and suggest ways to do things better.

10. Following Laws and Being Safe:
– Make sure everything done with renting out spaces follows the law.
– Try to avoid problems and ask for legal advice if needed.

11. Knowing About the Market:
– Keep learning about what people want to buy, how businesses are doing, and what’s happening in the economy.
– Find chances to make more money and change plans to do better.

12. Leading and Helping the Team:
– Lead a good team that does well at renting out spaces.
– Help team members learn and grow in their jobs.
– Make sure the team works well together and follows the rules.
– Be a good boss and keep everyone happy and working well.

Other Responsibilities:
– Help with checking new places the company might buy from a renting point of view.
– Do other tasks the boss asks for sometimes.

– Have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, real estate, or similar.
– Have at least 10 years of experience in managing shopping malls or similar places, including 5 years in a boss position.
– Really like shopping mall business.
– Know a lot about real estate and the Malaysian shopping market, and be able to make the business better in the future.
– Have good connections with stores and people in the industry.
– Be mature and good at talking and planning.
– Be good at English and Bahasa Malaysia.
– Be good with computers, especially Excel and PowerPoint.
– Be good at writing and talking about work.
– Be careful and good at solving problems.
– Be a good boss and be able to manage people well.
– Be good at working under pressure and getting things done.
– Be flexible and always wanting to do better.
– Be able to handle many tasks and solve problems quickly.
– Be able to make quick decisions when things change.

To apply for this job email your details to rasedabd100@gmail.com

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