ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed: Which Is Best for Your Next Hire?

Finding the right person for a job can be hard. There are many websites to help, but two of the most popular are ZipRecruiter and Indeed. Both have their strengths, and knowing which one is best for your next hire can save you time and effort.

What Is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is a job board that helps employers post jobs and find candidates. It uses smart technology to match job listings with the best potential candidates. When you post a job on ZipRecruiter, it also sends the job to over 100 other job boards, increasing the chances of finding the right person.

Key Features:

  • Smart Matching: ZipRecruiter uses AI to match your job with suitable candidates.
  • Easy Posting: Post a job on ZipRecruiter, and it gets sent to many other job sites.
  • Candidate Screening: You can screen candidates with custom questions to find the best matches quickly.

What Is Indeed?

Indeed is one of the largest job boards in the world. It allows employers to post jobs for free and offers paid options to increase visibility. Indeed has a massive database of resumes, making it easy to find potential candidates.

Key Features:

  • Large Reach: Indeed is used by millions of job seekers around the world.
  • Resume Database: You can search through millions of resumes to find candidates.
  • Free and Paid Options: Post jobs for free or pay to make them more visible to job seekers.


Here’s a look at how ZipRecruiter and Indeed compare in a few key areas:

  1. Ease of Use:
  • ZipRecruiter: Known for its user-friendly interface and simple job posting process.
  • Indeed: Also easy to use, but the vast amount of options can be overwhelming.
  1. Reach:
  • ZipRecruiter: Sends job postings to over 100 other job boards.
  • Indeed: One of the most visited job sites globally, with a huge audience.
  1. Cost:
  • ZipRecruiter: Offers a free trial but requires a subscription for continued use.
  • Indeed: Free to post jobs with options to pay for increased visibility.
  1. Candidate Quality:
  • ZipRecruiter: Uses AI to find and suggest the best candidates.
  • Indeed: Provides access to a large database of resumes for direct searching.

Which Is Best for You?

The best choice depends on your needs.

  • Use ZipRecruiter if: You want smart technology to help you find candidates quickly, and you’re okay with a subscription-based service.
  • Use Indeed if: You want access to a large pool of candidates, prefer a mix of free and paid options, and like to search resumes directly.


Both ZipRecruiter and Indeed offer valuable tools for finding job candidates. ZipRecruiter is great for its smart matching and broad distribution, while Indeed is excellent for its reach and large resume database. Consider what features are most important to you to decide which platform will best help you make your next great hire.

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