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Location Remote, US

Job Description: Are you passionate about launching your own business or pursuing a remote career that offers fair compensation, flexible scheduling, and the autonomy to manage your own time? If you value ongoing training, mentorship, benefits, rewards like all-expense-paid trips, and prioritizing family time, then keep reading.

We’re seeking ambitious individuals for an exciting career opportunity! Join our team and thrive in a competitive, dynamic environment that fosters personal and professional growth. Whether you’re an experienced sales agent or new to the industry, our industry-leading training and supportive community will propel you to success. As a Financial Coach, you’ll empower individuals to achieve financial security, guiding them toward a brighter future with our comprehensive range of products and services. No experience is necessary; we welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds and provide thorough training.

Our compensation plan is robust, offering daily uncapped commissions, monthly recurring income, and training and development compensation, empowering team members to launch their own business and enjoy the associated benefits.

About You: You’re a perfect fit if you possess:

  • An Entrepreneurial Mindset: You aspire to be your own boss, control your income, and manage your life.
  • Goal-Oriented: You excel in setting and executing goals effectively.
  • Servant Leadership: You lead by serving your team and community.
  • Strong Work Ethic: You value hard work and understand its role in achieving financial goals.
  • High Integrity: You uphold professionalism and ethics, aiming to become a respected community figure.
  • Coachability: You appreciate mentorship and actively seek guidance to enhance your skills.

Key Responsibilities: This role involves building client relationships, conducting financial needs analyses, and offering tailored solutions such as life insurance, retirement planning, portfolio management, debt solutions, and mortgage services. Extensive training and mentorship are provided to ensure success.

Key Considerations:

This role is NOT suitable if:

  • You prefer traditional employment with hourly wages.
  • You’re seeking a quick fix for financial success.
  • You’re unwilling to invest in self-improvement or obtain necessary licenses.
  • You prioritize personal gain over ethical conduct.

This role MIGHT be right for you if:

  • You desire above-average success and financial freedom.
  • You appreciate earning what you’re worth and setting your income.
  • You possess humility, coachability, and teachability.
  • You seek flexible work compatible with demanding schedules.
  • You can work independently with discipline and accountability.
  • You aspire to build a business and leverage tax advantages.
  • You prioritize integrity and helping others over monetary gain.

If this opportunity aligns with your goals and values, we encourage you to apply and embark on an empowering career journey with us.

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